How to Make History Fun for your Kids!

November 26th, 2015


You may have known teachers who made history sound like a major bore by forcing you to memorise facts or figures and not make it come alive? On the contrary, history is really about people with flesh and blood who lived just like us and were very much alive, so how can you help your kids to like history and become curious and eager to learn?

Show and tell

You may have heard of a teaching technique called “show and tell” used by teachers. One of the ways you can make history come alive is by showing them things that will help them to learn and understand better. Take them to museums where they can see the kind of things people of yesteryear used, take them to important historic sights and show them places of importance. You can even show them some King George V stamps and help them to understand some of the history around these stamps and why they were issued. Just be creative in your approach!

Movies and books

There are now many movies that have a great historical value and you can get some of these DVDs for your kids or help them to go online and find some suitable ones. Seeing is believing, so help to visually see what they hear about so that it comes alive and they realise that what you are talking about is about real people like you and me, who had the kind of struggles we also have. Books are also another excellent resource if your kids like to read. Find books with illustrations and pictures and a story format will be more interesting. If you wish to know more about stamps and how you can start collecting as a hobby, just see this page 

Make them curious

When they see something like King George stamps, encourage them to ask questions about it and learn more about the historical background. When they visit a museum, show them the explanations that are given and help them to imagine how things must have been like in the past. Show them how people dressed and how life today is so different to what it used to be. Ask them questions such as “When would you prefer to live, in the 1900s or now?” 

We are making history!

Help your kids to get a better perspective on history by telling them that one day things we do now will also be a part of history and in the past! Your kids may not know much even about how things were in the recent past like the early 90s when there was no internet and no Iphones and no Facebook! Explain to them how quickly the world has changed and help them to understand that life will be different in the future too. With a little bit of input and enthusiasm from you, your kids will also view history as something that is real and exciting!